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GATE 2023 Power Systems Quiz 41

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Question 1

For a lossless network the maximum power transfer capability can be increased by
1). Low GMD
2). High GMD
3). Low GMR
4). High GMR

Question 2

Consider a transmission line to be lossless. If You place Z Ωresistance at receiving end phase that makes sending and receiving end voltage magnitude same . let A and B parameters for the line are 0.90° and 15090°Ω respectively. Then the value of Z is _______ Ω.

Question 3

Which of the following model of medium transmission line does not show Ferranti effect?

Question 4

In modeling the equivalent circuit of a short length overhead transmission line, the line resistance and inductance are only considered because line capacitance to ground is_________?

Question 5

For a short transmission line having line impedance Z = 40 + j30 /km with receiving end current of 100 A and the voltage per phase of sending end is 132 kV. For receiving end voltage to be equal to sending end calculate the power factor of the load required.

Question 6

For a 500 Km long transmission line , the series impedance is (0.0 + 0.2 j) ohm/ km and the shunt admittance is (0.0 + 8 j ) μmho/ km. The magnitude of the series impedance (in ohm ) of the equivalent π circuit of the transmission line is _____?
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