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GATE 2023 Power Electronics Rank Booster Quiz 47

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Question 1

Calculate the R.M.S value of the fundamental component of current in a single phase Half bridge having a resistive load of 10Ω and supplied by an input DC voltage of 50V?

Question 2

A single-phase bridge inverter with square wave output voltage will have in it's output waveform a fifth harmonic component equal to x percentage of the fundamental, the value of x is.

Question 3

In single pulse modulation of PWM inverters, the pulse width is 120°. For an input voltage of 220 V DC, what is the RMS value of the fundamental component of the output voltage?

Question 4Multiple Correct Options

The Diode D1 is damaged and not working for some reason in a Single Phase Half Bridge Inverter. The load is of R-type. Then which of following is correct?

Question 5

The output voltage and current wave forms of single-phase full bridge voltage source inverter with R – L load is shown below. Where R = 20 Ω, L = 0.2 H. It is operated without PWM and fs = 100 Hz, then the zero-crossing instant is

Question 6

A 1-ϕ Voltage Source Inverter is controlled in a Single Pulse Width Modulation mode with a pulse width is 120° in each half cycle. The total harmonic distortion of output AC voltage waveform is _______%.

Question 7

A Single phase Half-Bridge Inverter feeding an RL load when switch S1 is ON the load current is given as i0(t) = 10(1 – e–2t) and the fundamental peak value of output voltage is 230V. Find the values of R and L of load __________?

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