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GATE 2023 Power Electronics Rank Booster Quiz 46

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Question 1

The power electronic converter shown in the figure has a single-pole double-throw switch. The pole P of the switch is connected alternately to throw A and B. The converter shown in figure is _____?

Question 2

A DC chopper is built employing an electronic switch as shown below. Determine the power absorbed by the switch. Assume switch to be ideal.

Question 3

A Boost converter operates with D = 1, then output voltage will be __________?

Question 4

The given figure shows a step-down dc chopper. A freewheeling diode is placed across the load. The load current varies between the limits of 10 A. The time ratio would be __________.

Question 5

In step down converter, output voltage V0 is held constant at 5V by varying the duty cycle α. If dc input voltage varies from 10-40 V, output power P0 ≥ 5W and frequency of switching is 50 kHz then minimum value of ‘L’ required to keep the converter operation in a continuous condensation mode is_____?

Question 6

A Buck converter is designed to produce an output voltage of 5 V from a 9 V dc source. It is connected across a load resistor of 75 Ω. Determine the value of inductance that will ensure continuous current for the switching frequency of 450 kHz.

Question 7

In the circuit shown all elements are ideal and the switch S is operated at 10 kHz and 60% duty ratio. The capacitor is large enough so that the ripple across it is negligible and at steady state acquires a voltage as shown. The peak current in amperes drawn from the 50 V DC source is ________. (Give the answer up to one decimal place.)

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