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GATE 2023 Power Electronics Quiz 55

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Question 1

A battery is charged by a single-phase half wave diode rectifier. The supply voltage is 100 V(rms), 50 Hz and the battery emf is constant at 50 V. If the diode has voltage drop of 2 V during its conduction, then PIV rating of the diode should be

Question 2

A 120V, 50Hz ac voltage is applied to the primary of 5:1 step up transformer whose secondary is centre tapped allowing a load of 1KΩ to be connected for a full wave rectification using two diodes. The lowest value of ripple frequency in Hz ?

Question 3

If the converter shown below is triggered at , then rectification efficiency is

Question 4

A half-controlled single-phase bridge rectifier comprises of which of the following devices?

Question 5

In a single-phase mid-point SCR converter load current is constant at 10A, when the firing angle is 20°. Turns ratio (secondary to primary)is 2.5 for input transformer and voltage supply is 240V, 50 Hz. The input power factor is

Question 6

A Single Phase Semi-converter supplies power to RLE load, the source voltage is 230 V, 50 Hz and for load R=5 Ω, L=5mH & E=100 V, for a firing angle of 30o, the average value of output current in case load current is extinguished at ωt=200ois _______ A.
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