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GATE 2023 Networks Quiz 4

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Question 1

The current i2 in the circuit shown below at t = 0.1 seconds

Question 2

The switch in the figure has been open for a long time before it closes at t=0. The current i(t) at time t after the switch is closed

Question 3

If V(t)=5+2t and iL(0-)=0A, then i(t) at t=1sec is

Question 4

For the circuit shown in figure, the switch is in position 1 for long time and it is moved to position 2 at t = 0. At t = if voltage across coil is 120 V, then unkown resistance R is ______ohm.

Question 5

For the network shown in the figure below, the switch is at position (1) initial. After reaching the steady state, if the position of the switch changes to (2), then the current i for t > 0 will be

Question 6

Find i1(t) and i2(t) in the circuit for t > 0

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