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GATE 2023 Networks Quiz 1

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Question 1

A two terminal black box contains a series combination of a resistor and unknown two terminal linear devices. As soon as the battery is connected to the black box the current is found to be zero. The device is?

Question 2

In the circuit shown , e1(t)= cos(t+300) and e2(t)= sin(t+600). The voltage across the grounded 1Ω resistor is:

Question 3

Find value of k when power dissipated in 2 Ω resistance is 6.25 watt (k value should be positive and upto 3 decimal places)

Question 4

In the following circuit, the short circuit current through RL is:

Question 5

For the given network, the power given to the load is ____ kW? [Assume R =1 Ω and ideal diode]

Assume  V = 100. sinωt

Question 6

Consider the circuit shown in the figure below,

Find the power deliver by the dependent source.

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