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GATE 2023 Networks Evaluation Quiz 1

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Question 1

In the circuit shown in figure, assume the diodes are ideal and the ammeter is on average indication of current having zero internal resistance. The ammeter reading is?

Assume V=4sin(ωt) volt

Question 2

Consider the following networks

Network ‘N’ contains only resistances, use data given in fig A . for solving fig B . The value of ‘I’ when =0 is

Question 3

A capacitor C initially charged to ν0 is suddenly connect across Resistor R.

if C = 1mF, R = 2kΩ, V0 = 120 V

Determine current in circuit 2 sec. after switch is closed.

Question 4

The value of R for which the circuit resonates is?

Question 5

The applied voltage and the resulting current in a passive network are in phase opposition the average power flow is

Question 6

Consider the following 2 port network

The value of parameter A is ________.

Question 7

For the circuit given below find  for  [After opens]

Question 8

Consider the circuit and find i(t) for t < 0 and t > 0.

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