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GATE 2023 Irrigation Engineering Rank Booster Quiz 36

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Question 1

Consider the following statements:

(i) Drip irrigation involves minimum loss of water as compared to other method of irrigation.

(ii) Water will be not suitable for irrigation if its conductivity is greater than 750 micro mohs/cm.

(iii) Sprinkler method will be most suitable for clayey soil

(iv) The water application efficiency is lowest in free flooding method.

Which of the above statements are correct?

Question 2

The left branch canal carrying a discharge of 15 cumes has culturable command area of 2000 hectares. The intensity of Rabi crop is 50 percent and the base period is 90 days. The right branch canal carrying discharge of 5 cumecs has culturable command area of 1200 hectares, intensity of irrigation of Rabi crop is 50 percent and the base period is 100 days. Then right canal system is

Question 3Multiple Correct Options

Na+ = 160mg/l, Ca2+ = 60 mg/l

Mg2+ = 18mg/l, k+ = 22mg/l

Al3+ = 28mg/l, Cd2+ = 38mg/l

Which among the following is/are correct

Question 4Multiple Correct Options

A stream of 150 litres per second was delivered from a canal and 110 litres per second were delivered to the field. An area of 2.2 hectares was irrigated in eight hours. The effective depth of root zone was 1.5 m. The runoff loss in the field was 445 m3. The depth of water penetration varied linearly from 1.5 m at the head end of the field to 1.1 m at the tail end. Available moisture holding capacity of the soil is 200 mm per meter depth of soil. If irrigation was started at a moisture extraction level of 60% then

Question 5

A field channel has a culturable command area of 2000 hectares. The intensities of irrigation for gram and wheat are 35% and 45% respectively. Gram has a kor period of 20 days and kor depth of 12 cm, wheat has kor period of 20 days and kor depth of 15 cm. Discharge required in the channel to supply water to the area during the kor period, if the water conveyance efficiency is 75% is ____________.

Question 6Multiple Correct Options

The culturable command area of a canal is 10, 000 ha. The area grows only two crops rice in the Kharif season and wheat in the Rabi season. The design discharge of the canal is based on rice requirement, which has an irrigated area of 2500 ha, base period of 150 days and delta of 130 cm and for wheat base period is 120 days and delta of 50 cm. Which of the following statements are correct?

Question 7Multiple Correct Options

The culturable commanded area for a distributary is 2x108 m2.The intensity of irrigation of a crop is 40%. If kor water depth and kor period for the crop are 14 cm and 4 weeks respectively
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