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GATE 2023 II Velocity and Acceleration Analysis II Quiz 24

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Question 1

In order to draw the acceleration diagram, it is necessary to determine the Coriolis component of acceleration in the case of

Question 2

When a slider moves with a velocity v on a link rotating at an angular speed of ω, the Coriolis component of acceleration is given by

Question 3

For the given four bar linkage, the velocity of B with respect to A will be:-

Question 4

For the given engine mechanism, calculate tangential acceleration of crank BC if crank rotates with an angular velocity and angular acceleration of 80 rad/sec and 1000 rad/s2, respectively

Question 5

If angular velocity of two links BC and CD, joined together are in same direction, the rubbing velocity will be

Question 6

For a mechanism having 6 links and 7 joints the number instantaneous centre is ( IC is a point at which a particular link is assumed to be a rotational motion about that point)
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