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GATE 2023 II Thin and Thick Shells II Quiz 19

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Question 1

A thin cylinder of inner radius 500 mm and thickness 5 mm is subjected to an internal gauge pressure of 5 MPa. The average hoop stress in MPa is

Question 2

The ratio of hoop stress for a thin cylindrical pressure vessels to the thin spherical vessels is

Question 3

Volumetric strain for a spherical pressure vessel is given by

Question 4

A thin cylindrical pressure vessel is subjected to an internal pressure of 2MPa. The diameter of the vessel is 100mm and the thickness if 4mm. What is the maximum shear stress induced at a point in the vessel?

Question 5

The ratio of circumferential strain to longitudinal strain in case of thin pressure vessels is

Question 6

There is a spherical pressure vessel having internal diameter of 2 m and wall thickness of 2 cm. If the maximum allowable tensile stress is 100 MPa then safe working pressure for a spherical pressure vessel is
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