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GATE 2023 II Theory of Machines & Vibrations II Quiz 23

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Question 1

Relation between number of links (L) and number of pairs (P) is ________.

Question 2

In a single degree-of-freedom, 4-link, revolute jointed Grashoff mechanism, ‘l’ is the longest link, ‘s’ is the shortest link and p, q are the two remaining links. These links may be in any order.
(a) If shortest link is fixed then the mechanism will be crank-crank type 
(b) When link next to shortest link is being fixed, the mechanism will be crank-rocker type. 
(c) When link opposite to shortest is fixed, mechanism will be rocker-rocker type.

Question 3

Which among the following information regarding the 4 bar mechanism is correct?

Question 4

Belt pulley arrangement during transfer of power with no-slip is a____.

Question 5

The inversion of double slider crank when the slotted plate is fixed and when one of the slider is fixed respectively are

Question 6

In a four-bar mechanism, if the coupler and output link coincides with each other, the transmission angle will be
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