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GATE 2023 II Theory of Machines & Vibrations II Champion Quiz 5

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Question 1

In a reverted gear train two gears A and B are meshing, B-C is a compound gear and C and D are meshing. The modules of A and C are 2 mm and 3 mm respectively. The number of teeth in A, B and D are 10, 20 and 12 respectively. Find the number of teeth in C.

Question 2

Gear train is required for

Question 3

Elliptical gear train used in differential gear of automobile helps in _________.

Question 4

Match list-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the list:
List –I
(Material properties)
A) Ductility
B) Toughness
C) Endurance limit
D) Resistance to penetration
(Test to determine properties)
1) Impact test
2) Fatigue test
3) Tension test
4) Hardness test

Question 5

For a complete constrained motion, the degree of freedom is____?

Question 6

The number of restraints in a link is 4.Find the degree of freedom

Question 7

The degree of freedom of superstructure is

Question 8

The direction of motion of the driven gear of a simple gear train having an odd number of idler gears will be
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