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GATE 2023 II Queuing theory II Quiz 54

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Question 1

In a single server infinite population queuing model, arrivals follow a Poisson distribution with mean = 4 per hour. The service times are exponential with mean service time equal to 12 minutes. The expected length of the queue will be

Question 2

In a single server queuing system with arrival rate of ‘λ’ and mean service time of ‘μ’ the expected number of customers in the system is Description: F:\GradeStack Courses\GATE Tests (Sent by Ravi)\GATE-22-April\GATE-IES-ME-Industrial-Engineering_files\image124.png What is the expected waiting time per customer in the system ________?

Question 3

The attitude of customer who keeps on changing queue in hope to get service faster is called __________.

Question 4

The Kendall notation (a/b/cd/e/f) is used for the queuing system. In this notation ‘’e’’ stands for:

Question 5

If cars arrived at a rate of 10/hour while service rate is 15 per hour for M/M/1: /FCFS model, the utilization percentage of this system is __________.

Question 6

In a saloon customers arrive at the rate of 4 per hour and the time taken to serve a customer is 10 minutes. What is the waiting time of a customer before he is being served.
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