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GATE 2023 II Metal forming II Quiz 64

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Question 1

Consider the following statements regarding the Metal forming process:

1) Plastic deformation occurs.

2) It is followed if applied stress is more than the yield stress.

Which of the following statements is/are NOT correct _________?

Question 2

Hot-working of mild steel is carried out _____?

Question 3

In a rolling process, thickness of a strip is reduced from 4 mm to 2 mm using 300 mm diameter rolls rotating at 100 rpm. The velocity of the strip (in m/sec) at the neutral point is __________.

Question 4

A block made of perfectly plastic material with a yield stress of 260 MPa in simple tension has the diameter 200 mm × 100 mm × 150 mm (b × h × w) at one instant during plane strain forging. Assuming there is sticking friction, the peak pressure will be

Question 5

Consider the following Statements regarding the isothermal forming:

1) More uniform flow patterns.

2) High residual stress.

3) enhance the tool life.

Which of the following are the characteristics of the isothermal forming _________?

Question 6

The temperature at which the new grains are formed in the metal is called _________.
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