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GATE 2023 II Linear Programming Problem II Quiz 52

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Question 1

The leaving basic variable in a maximizing simplex method is the basic variable that __________.

Question 2

Artificial variables are used in the simplex method to

Question 3

We have a closed region with x1 & x2 be any two points belonging to that region, such that x1 & x2, this closed region is called convex if all the points lying on __________ line also belong to the same closed region.

Question 4

If at the optimum in a linear programming problem, a dual variable corresponding to a particular primal constraint is zero, then it means that

Question 5

If the slope of any constraint is equal to slope of objective function then the solution is ___________.

Question 6

A primal problem is having 2 variables and 3 constraints then its dual will have
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