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GATE 2023 II Industrial Engineering II Champion Quiz 11

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Question 1

Consider the following transportation cost table and solve for the value of x if it satisfies: 20<x<30

Given the optimum cost of the transportation = Rs. 8500
What will be the change in the value of optimum cost _________, if the limit is changed to 10 < x < 20.

Question 2

The following table shows the initial basic feasible solution:

Find the value of u3 and v5 _________ respectively by assuming u1 = 0.

Question 3

The no. of customer arriving at the service center is 6 customer/h and the service provider takes 5 mins/customer on an average then determine Average waiting time (in min) of customer in the system.

Question 4

If transportation problem having 5 sources and 3 destinations. Then the possible number of solutions for the non degeneration solution for this problem is ___________.

Question 5

Customers arrive at a bank at the rate of 15 per hour and there is 1 clerk serving the customers at the rate of 30 per hour. ‘X’ denotes the probability that there is no customer waiting to be served and ‘Y’ denotes the probability that a customer is being served and no one is waiting. What are the values of ‘X’ and ‘Y’ respectively ___________?

Question 6

Which of the following is true for an optimal transportation solution:
i. it is a feasible solution
ii. it minimises the total transportation cost
iii. it is a degenerate solution
iv. It can be further optimized

Question 7

Before the first iteration, the given transportation problem to obtain feasible solution, can be solved by:

Question 8

The following table shows the initial basic feasible solution:

Find the net cell evaluation for S3–D3 _________ by assuming u1 = 0.

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