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GATE 2023 II Gear and Gear Trains II Quiz 25

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Question 1

In the reverted gear train shown in the below figure, gears A and C have equal numbers of teeth and gears B and D have equal number of teeth. When A rotates at 800 rpm, D rotates at 200 rpm. The rotations speed (in rpm) of compound gears B-C would  be  ___

Question 2

A gear having 100 teeth is fixed and another gear having 25 teeth revolves around it. Centre line of both the gears being joined by an arm. How many revolutions will be made by the gear of 25 teeth for one revolution of arm?

Question 3

In a sun and planet gear train, the fixed sun gear has 50 teeth and the planet gear has 30 teeth. The carrier rotates at 15 rad/s and the torque transmitted is 10 Nm. The  magnitude of holding torque on the gear (in N-m) is ____.

Question 4

An epicyclic gear train is shown schematically in the adjacent figure

The sun gear 2 on the input shaft is a 20 teeth external gear. The planet gear 3 is a 40 teeth external gear. The ring gear 5 is a 100 teeth internal gear. The ring gear 5 is fixed and the gear 2 is rotating at 80 r.p.m ccw (ccw=counter-clockwise and cw =clockwise).
Then arm attached to the output shaft will rotate at ____.

Question 5

If the annular wheel of an epicyclic gear train has 200 teeth and planet gear what has 20 teeth. The number of teeth on sun gear is

Question 6

Which of the following is CORRECT for the speed ratio of a gear train?
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