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GATE 2023 II Fluid Mechanics & Machinery II Rank Booster Quiz 2

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Question 1

Gauge pressure at a point is equal to

Question 2

Calculate the sensitivity of U- tube manometer containing liquid of density 1500 kg/m3 and one limb of the manometer is inclined at 60 from the vertical __________.

Question 3

At any point, Barometric reading of pressure is 78.2 cm of Hg column & gauge pressure is 37 mm of Hg column. Then Absolute pressure at that point is _______.

Question 4

The manometer shown contains two liquids. Liquid A has SG = 0.88 and liquid B has SG = 2.95. The deflection h, when the applied pressure difference is is

Question 5

A mercury- oil differential manometer measures a 35 cm difference of mercury level. Mercury has specific gravity 13.6 and oil has has specific gravity 0.8. What is the difference in pressure head (m of oil) ?

Question 6

During the experimental determination of metacentric height the movable weight of the ship is found to be 50N & at a distance of 5m from the axis. If the total weight of a ship is 5000N & the angle of tilt is 1˚. The metacentric height is  

Question 7

For the inverted manometer, as shown, all fluids are at 20 °C. If P- P= 97 kPa What must be the height H?

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