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GATE 2023 II Fluid Mechanics & Machinery II Champion Quiz 2

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Question 1

From the following statements choose the correct one related to Bernoulli's equation given by
  + gz = constant.

Question 2

Which type of flow is controlled by Reynolds number?

Question 3

If the velocity distribution in a turbulent boundary layer isthe displacement thickness is given by n. Then what is the value of n?

Question 4

Which of the following is not correctly matched dimension?

Question 5

At vena contracta section, stream lines formed during fluid flow are mutually

Question 6

A laminar boundary layer has a velocity distribution given by . The displacement thickness for this boundary layer will be

Question 7

The flow through a circular pipe is laminar. Now, the fluid through the pipe is replaced with a more viscous fluid and passed through the pipe again with the same velocity. What can we say about the nature of this flow?

Question 8

What is the ratio of displacement thickness to nominal boundary layer thickness, if velocity distribution is given as, .
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