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GATE 2023 II Cams and Followers II Quiz 32

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Question 1

For designing of a Cam, if is the total rise, is camshaft angle, is total rise angle and the rise motion of the cam is given by a SHM - Simple Harmonic Motion , then the equation for the jerk will be given by

Question 2

In circular arc cam with a flat faced reciprocating follower, the contact between the follower and the nose of cam is only maintained if:

Question 3

Consider the following follower motion with respect to a given lift, speed of rotation and angle of stroke of a cam:
1) Cycloidal motion
2) Simple harmonic motion
3) Uniform velocity motion
Which one of the following is the correct sequence of the above in the descending order of maximum velocity?

Question 4

Why offset is provided in a cam follower mechanism?

Question 5

A high value of pressure angle is not desirable for a cam for which of the following reason_____?

Question 6

Why offset is provided for a cam follower mechanism _________?
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