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GATE 2023 II Aggregate Production planing & MRP II Quiz 58

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Question 1

A time standard for a data entry clerk is to be set. A job rated at 120 % and takes 30 second to enter each records and the allowances are 15 %. What is the normal time __________?

Question 2

The symbol used for inspection and storage in work study respectively, are ___________.

Question 3

Fifty observations of a production operation revealed a mean cycle time of 10 min. the worker was evaluated to be performing at 90% efficiency. Assuming the allowances to be 10% of the normal time, the standard time (in seconds) for the job is_______.

Question 4

The basic difference between MRP and MRP-II is __________.

Question 5

The total expected demand for raw material during each time period without regard the inventory on hand is referred as _________.

Question 6

Product P is made by assembling one unit of A & one unit of D. A is inturn made by assembling two units of B & three units of C. The demand over different weeks of product P is shown below.

If the initial stocks of A, B, C and D are 10, 20, 15, and 50 respectively, the net quantity of C that is needed to be ordered is _______

(Assuming the time required for ordering and assembling is negligible)

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