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GATE 2023 Engineering Mechanics Rank Booster Quiz 47

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Question 1

Two balls are moving in such direction that the angle between them is 60°. The two velocities are having magnitudes 10 m/s and 20 m/s respectively. Calculate the magnitude of resultant velocity(in m/s)

Question 2

In order to draw the FBD of the following figure, which of the following is to consider.

Question 3

 The ratio of moment of inertia of circular disc of diameter 7 m to the square of side 7 m about centroidal axis is

Question 4

Centre of gravity of a triangle lies at the point of concurrence of

Question 5

Two blocks P and Q of masses 2 kg and 4 kg respectively are placed on each other and their combination rests on a fixed horizontal surface. A massless string passing over a smooth pulley is used to connect P and Q. If coefficient of friction (between every surface of contact), then P and Q will be dragged with a uniform velocity, if P is dragged with a force of _______ .

(Consider the following diagram and take )

Question 6

Which of the following is true regarding the ratio of tension on the tight side to that of slack side in a belt drive?

Question 7

A copper shaft of diameter 20 cm and length 50 cm with a disc of moment of inertia 2000kg-sq.cm mounted on it. What is the value of natural frequency __________ (in rad/s). Modulus of rigidity(G) for copper is 42 GPa.
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