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Question 1

Two infinite current carrying sheets are placed parallel to each other in free space such that they carry current in the opposite direction with the same surface current density. The magnetic flux density in the space between the sheets will be

Question 2

In a spherical co-ordinate system magnetic vector potential at point (r, θ, ϕ) is given as A = 12 cosθaϕ. The magnetic flux density at point (3, 0, ) will be

Question 3

The current density that produce the magnetic vector potential A = 2aϕ in cylindrical coordinates is

Question 4

Magnetic field intensity produced due to a current source is given as

H = (z cos ay) ay + (z + ey)ax

The current density over the xz plane will be

Question 5

Consider a vector field . The closed loop line integral can be expressed as

Question 6

An infinitely long uniform solid wire of radius a carries a uniform dc current of density.
A hole of radius b(b < a) is now drilled along the length of the wire at a distance d from the center of the wire as shown below.

The magnetic field inside the hole is

Question 7

Consider  as vector magnetic potential, the magnetic energy density is given by (J is current density)
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