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GATE 2023 EMT Rank Booster Quiz 37

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Question 1

The force on a point charge +q kept at a distance d from the surface of an infinite grounded metal plate in a medium of permittivity is

Question 2

The Electric field associated with an electromagnetic wave propagating through a lossless medium  is   The phase constant  and the wavelength of the wave are respectively?

Question 3

If a charge is distributed in a spherical volume with charge density .

Then find the electric potential outside the sphere with distance ‘P’ from the centre of the sphere.

Question 4

Electric field intensity at a distance 3 m above the center of a circular loop of radius 4 m lying in the xy-plane and carrying a uniform line charge + 2 nC/m as shown in the figure is

Question 5

Volume charge of uniform density 5 nC/m3 is distributed in the region between two infinitely long, parallel cylindrical surface of radii 5 m and 2 m and with their axes separated by distance of 1 m as shown in the figure.

The electric field intensity in the charge-free region inside the cylindrical surface of radius 2 m is

Question 6

The excess charge in a certain medium decreases to 1/3 of its initial value in 15 μsec. If the conductivity of the medium is (2 × 10–4) s/m the dielectric constant of the medium is______.

Question 7

A sheet with uniform charge density µC/m3 is located in a plane y=6 m. The associated electric field intensity at point (3, -1, 3) in free space is
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