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GATE 2023 EMT Evaluation Quiz 9

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Question 1

A short- circuited stub is connected to a 50 Ω transmission line as shown in figure. The admittance seen at the junction of the stub and the transmission line is

Question 2

A distortion less line has characteristic Z0 = 100 Ω, attenuation constant α= 10 mNp/m and phase velocity v= 2 × 108 m/s. The primary constants R and L are respectively.

Question 3

The electric field intensity given by represents a UPW propagating along y direction in a non-magnetic dielectric medium. The dielectric constant is

Question 4

The electric field intensity of a wave is given by. The wave is

Question 5

Consider a dielectric (ϵr = 2.25) filled rectangular waveguide with dimensions a x b (a > b). If the cut off frequency of the guide is 4 GHz, then the value of dimension a is ________ cm.

Question 6

An air filled rectangular wave guide is operating at 6 GHz with dominant propagating inside it. If the wavelength inside the wave guide is 6cm, then the wave impedance of the mode is given by ______Description: E:\Gate\Gate-EC\04_Elctromgntic_BL-done_files\image035.png.

Question 7

An air-filled rectangular waveguide of internal dimensions a cm × b cm(a > b) has a cutoff frequency of 6 GHz for the dominant TE10 mode. For the same waveguide, if the cutoff frequency of the TM11 mode is 15 GHz, the cutoff frequency of the TE01 mode in GHz is ___________.

Question 8

A rectangular waveguide having TE10 mode as dominant mode is having a cutoff frequency of 18-GHz for the TE30 mode. The inner broad-wall dimension of the rectangular waveguide is:
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