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GATE 2023 Electrical Machines Quiz 37

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Question 1

An over-exited synchronous motor will work as

Question 2

The graph/characteristics plotted with power factor on y-axis and field current of the machine on x-axis is known as

Question 3Multiple Correct Options

Which of the following regarding short circuit ratio (SCR) are true?

Question 4Multiple Correct Options

Consider the following statements, which of the below statements is/are correct?

Question 5

A 3-ϕ, 400V, synchronous motor takes 52.5A at a pf of 0.8 lead. The motor impedance per phase is (0.25 + j3.2) ohm, induced emf (line) ______ V.

(Assume star connected motor)

Question 6Multiple Correct Options

A 415 V, 3-ϕ, Delta connected synchronous motor runs at rated voltage and with an excitation emf of 500 V. Its synchronous impedance per phase is (0.5 + j2) Ω and total losses are 1000 W, calculate the developed power per phase (Pdev) and shaft power output (Psh).
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