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GATE 2023 Electrical Machines Quiz 32

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Question 1

A 3-ϕ, 4-pole 50 Hz slip ring IM has 420 stator turns. The magnitude of the rotating flux per pole is 30 mWb. The winding factors for both stator and rotor windings is 0.96. The magnitude of per phase stator emf is_____V.

Question 2

What happens when a three phase induction motor is loaded?

Question 3

The principle of operation of a 3-phase induction motor is most similar to that of

Question 4Multiple Correct Options

When the supply voltage to a 3-ϕ squirrel cage IM is reduced by 20%, then the maximum torque will be-

Question 5

A three-phase, 50 Hz induction motor has six poles and operates with a slip of 5% at a certain load. Determine the speed of the rotor magnetic field with respect to rotor.

Question 6

A 4-pole, 50 Hz, 400 V, Y-connected induction motor has a maximum torque of 300 Nm at 1410 RPM. The value of rotor resistance in Ω will be: (Answer upto two decimal places)
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