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GATE 2023 Electrical Machines Quiz 29

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Question 1

In poly phase AC circuit, the phase sequence YBR is NOT same with-

Question 2

The inrush current of transformer at no load is maximum if supply voltage is switched on at

Question 3

Two transformer are to be operated in paralled such that they share load in proportion their KVA ratings. The rating of the first transformer is 500 KVA and its pu leakage impedance is 0.05 pu. If the rating of second transformer is 250 KVA, its pu leakage impedance (for the common base values) is________.

Question 4

When core material of resistivity 0.4×10-6 Ωm is used in a transformer, eddy current loss is 25 W. What is the eddy current loss in the transformer if the core material resistivity is 0.1×10-6 Ωm

Question 5Multiple Correct Options

An ideal transformer has 3 windings as 100 turns of primary winding, 160 turns on secondary winding and 60 turns on tertiary winding. Secondary feeds 10 A to a purely resistive load while a capacitive load on tertiary takes 20 A.

Calculate current in primary winding and its pf.

Question 6Multiple Correct Options

An ideal transform has 400 primary turns 600 secondary turns, the primary is connected to 400 V source, the full secondary has resistive load of 12 kW, the secondary is tapped at 500 turns across which there is pure inductive load of 10 kVA. Find primary current and real power input to primary
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