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GATE 2023 Electrical Machines Quiz 28

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Question 1

Which of the following statements is valid for transformers?

Question 2

A 50 kVA transformer on full load has a copper loss of 600 W and iron loss of 500 W. Calculate the fraction of load at which maximum efficiency will occur.

Question 3

The transformer shown in fig.

Question 4

For a single-phase transformer, if power factor = 0.8 lag and efficiency is 90% both at half load and full load. What will be its iron loss?

Question 5

A Single phase transformer was tested with its secondary terminals open circuited with following results.

Applied voltage : 230 Volt

Current : 0.2 Amp.

Power input = 10W

Then, the value of RC and Xm

Question 6Multiple Correct Options

The efficiency of a 20 kVA, 2500/250V, single phase transformer at upf is 96% at rated load and also at half rated load. Determine the transformer core and ohmic losses.
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