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GATE 2023 EDC Quiz 19

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Question 1

The parameter for an ideal npoly-Si gated MOSFET are as follows : L=0.5 μm, w=2.5 μm, tox = 10 nm, and VT= 0.5V 

The Gate voltage , VGS, that must be applied to obtain the ID-VD  curve shown is ___________(V).

Question 2

Consider an n+ polysilicon-silicon dioxide n-type silicon MOS capacitor. Let Nd = 1015 cm-3, tox =, and . What will be the flat-band voltage? If

Question 3

In an n-channel MOSFET , drain is shorted to the gate so that VGS = VDS.  And V=1V. If the drain current ID is 1 mA for VGS =2V then for VGS =3V, ID  (in mA) is

Question 4

For a n – channel enhancement MOSFET the parameter are VTN = .8V, kn = 5 mA/V2, VGS = 2V. If the transistor is biased in saturation region with Io = 1 mA . The required  is

Question 5Multiple Correct Options

Choose the correct answer for the given low-frequency capacitance versus gate voltage characteristics of MOS-capacitor.

Question 6

In a MOS capacitor with an oxide layer thickness of 10 nm the maximum depletion layer thickness is 100 nm. The permittivities of the semiconductor and the oxide layer are εs and εox respectively. Assuming εs /εox = 3, the ratio of the maximum capacitance to the minimum capacitance of this MOS capacitor is_________
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