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GATE 2023 EDC Quiz 18

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Question 1

The transition Capacitance of a step graded Si p-n junction diode is 20PF at a reverse bias voltage of 5V , and if reverse bias voltage is increased by 1 v , then the change in capacitance is ______(pF)

Question 2

A metal-semiconductor junction is taken. The variation of the electric field inside the semiconductor is shown in the figure below

The built-in potential of the diode is _____V.

Question 3

For an npn BJT transistor, how does the common-emitter current gain β depend on the relative dopings of the base region and the emitter region, NA/ND and the width of base W?

Question 4

For the below BJT which of the following is true, for amplification process where BVCB = Breakdown voltage in CB configuration

Question 5

Consider an abrupt PN junction (at T = 300 K) shown in the figure. The depletion region width Xn on the N-side of the junction is 0.2 μm and the permittivity of silicon si) is 1.044x10-12 F/cm At the junction, the approximate magnitude value of the peak electric field (in kV/cm) is _________.

Question 6

In a BJT biased in common emitter configuration given VCB = 2 V. Doping in emitter, base & collector are 10 × 1017 / cm3, 5 × 1016 / cm3 and 2 × 1015 respectively. ni = 1.5 × 1010 / cm3 (ε = 11.7εo), the NPN BJT has base width of 0.8 μm
Find effective base width of base :
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