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GATE 2023 Discrete Mathematics Quiz 28

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Question 1

In how many ways can 8 similar rings be worn on 5 fingers of a hand?

Question 2

10 people are seated in a row for a photograph. In how many ways can they be seated if three boys want to sit together?

Question 3

In how many ways, we can choose a black and a white square on a chess board such that the two are not in the same row or column?

Question 4

5 boys and 5 girls are sitting around a round table. In how many ways can they be arranged?

Question 5

How many arrangements possible with the Word "TOGETHER" that will  start and end with a consonant?

Question 6

How many motor vehicle registration number plates can be formed with the digits 2, 5, 7and 9 (no digits being repeated) if the registration number can have 1 to 4 digits?
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