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GATE 2023 Discrete Mathematics Quiz 24

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Question 1

Consider the members of the set A = {x | x is the square of an integer and x < 50} is ______

Question 2

What is the number of elements in the Power set of the set A = { {}, 1, {2,3}} ?

Question 3

In the set Z of all integers, the relation p defined by a p b if a + b is odd is?

Question 4

Let X be an empty set. How many number of elements in P(P(P(X))) where P(X) is power set of X?

Question 5

Let P(S) denotes the power set of set S. Which of the following is always true?

Question 6

Consider the following statements:
S1: There exists infinite sets A, B, C such that A(B C) is finite.
S2: There exists two irrational numbers x and y such that (x+y) is rational.
Which of the following is true about S1 and S2?
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