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GATE 2023 Digital Circuits Quiz 24

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Question 1

Consider the given circuit,
In this circuit, the race around

Question 2

A 3 bit module-8 ripple counter uses JK flip-flop. If the propagation delay of each FF is 40ns, the maximum clock frequency that can be used is equal to

Question 3

For each of the positive edge-triggered J-K flip flop used in the following figure, the propagation delay is ΔT

Which of the following waveforms correctly represents the output at Q1?

Question 4

In the following figure, the J and K inputs of all the four Flip-Flops are made high. The frequency of the signal at output Y0 is

Question 5

The input A and clock applied to the D flip-flop are shown in figure below. The output Q is


Question 6

consider the circuit below with initial state Q0 = 1, Q1 = Q2 = 0. The state of the circuit is given by the value of 4Q2 + 2Q1 + Q0
which one of the following is the correct state sequence of the circuit?
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