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Question 1

A steel rod of 12 mm diameter is used as a tie in bracing system. It is subjected to reversal of stresses due to wind action. Find the maximum permitted length of member.

Question 2

A single unequal angle 100 × 75 × 10 of fe410 grade steel is connected to a 10 mm thick gusset plate at the ends with six 18 mm diameter bolts with a pitch of 40 mm to transfer tension. Find the tensile strength due to net section rupture if the gusset is connected to a 100 mm leg.

Question 3

The capacity of a single ISA 100 × 100 × 10 mm as tension member connected by one leg using 6 rivets of 20mm diameter is ___ (Allowable stress is 150 N/mm2)

Question 4

The allowable shear stress in the web of mild steel beam increases with

Question 5

For an axially loaded column, the design compressive stress is given by,

Where x is the stress reduction factor expressed as:

Question 6

For ISMB 125 (ze = 61.8 × 103 mm3,) Zp = 71.85 × 103 mm, fy = 250 N/mm2) is used as beam section. The design bending strength of the beam is (Assume beam as semi-compact section)

Question 7

Consider the following statements for a compression member:

1). The elastic critical stress in compression increases with decrease in slenderness ratio.

2). The effective length depends on the boundary conditions at its ends.

3). The elastic critical stress in compression is independent of the slenderness ratio.

4). The ratio of the effective length to its radius of gyration is called as slenderness ratio.

Which of the above statements are correct?

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