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GATE 2023 Design of Steel Structures Rank Booster Quiz 45

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Question 1

Find the shape factor of the T-section as shown

Question 2

If the statically indeterminate beam, as shown, carries a load P at D and a load P at C, What is the value '’ to make the limit (collapse) value of P a maximum?

Question 3

A fixed end beam is subjected to a load W at span from the right support as shown in figure. The collapse load of the beam is

Question 4

Two 150 mm × 20 mm plates are welded to form a T-Section which is used as a beam. If the beam is supporting a maximum shear force of 10 kN. obtain or find The force to be resisted (in kN) by each weld.

Question 5

For the fillet weld of size ‘S’ shown in the adjoining figure. the effective throat thickness is-

Question 6

Which of the following statement(s) is/are correct regarding bolted connections:

1) Maximum pitch shall not exceed 16t or 200 mm in case of compression members.

2) The gauge length should not exceed 10 + 4 t or 200 mm whichever is less.

3) Maximum edge distance to nearest line of bolts from edge of any unstiffened part should not exceed 12 t e.

4) Maximum pitch of taking bolts should not exceed 1000 mm in case of tension members.

(t = thickness of thinner outer plate, )

Question 7

A steel plate subjected to a factored tensile force of 600kN is connected to another plate by top connection using 5 bolts in a row. The strength of each both in shear is 180kN. What would be the possible value of bearing strength (P) of each bolt
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