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GATE 2023 Control Systems Quiz 14

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Question 1

For a unity feedback control system, undamped natural frequency ωn and bandwidth ωb with open-loop transfer function as

are related as

Question 2

Which of the below systems doesn’t undergo resonance?

Question 3Multiple Correct Options

The Nyquist plot for a system is shown below:

Which of the following is correct for the system? 

Question 4

As the polar plot gets closer to the (–1 + j0) point, the stability of the system is

Question 5

A closed loop system has performance characteristics:

Damping ratio, ξ = 0.3

Settling time, ts = 2 sec

What will be the bandwidth (in rad/sec) of the closed loop system?

Question 6

A second order unity feedback system is given below.

The specifications are such that the maximum overshoot must not exceed 30% and the corresponding limiting value of resonant peak Mr is _________

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