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GATE 2023 Control systems Champion Quiz 2

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Question 1

In a two element series network, the voltage and current respectively are given as,

then the power factor of the network is approximately

Question 2Multiple Correct Options

A 2nd order system with ζ = 0.5, wn = 6 rad/sec is subjected to unit step input.

Question 3

If the roots of second order characteristic equation are given by S1, 2 = –3 + j2, then the value of damping ξ will be:

Question 4

A feedback control system is shown below which has ζ = 0.5 and ωn = 4 rad/sec. The values of K and Kt are respectively:

2020-03-09.png (636×216)

Question 5

The unit step response c(t) of a second order unity feedback control system with transfer function,

The settling time for 2% tolerance is

Question 6Multiple Correct Options

Consider an open loop transfer function of negative unity feedback system. The system is having maximum over short of 26% at resonant frequency of 8 rad/sec. Then evaluate which of the following option is/are correct?

Question 7Multiple Correct Options

The transfer function of a second order system is:

The settling time of the system is:

Question 8

The transfer function of second order system is given by . The value of time t in sec at which first under shoot will occur is. (Answer upto two decimal places).
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