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GATE 2023 Control System Evaluation Quiz 5

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Question 1

Intersect of asymptotes of the root loci the following equation [with k varies from D ∞] will be

s4 + 4s3 + 4s2 + (k + 16)s + k = 0

Question 2

The OLTF of the system is G(S) H(S) = The value of k at S= -2.366 is ____(upto two decimal point)

Question 3

For a type 1, second order control system where there is an increase of 25% in its natural frequency, the steady state error to unit ramp input decreases effectively by ______ percentage.

Question 4

A unity feedback system with OLTF G(s) = The peak overshoot in the step – input response of the system is approximately equal to ___________%.

Question 5

Bode magnitude plot of G(s) H(s) is shown below

The number of poles in transfer function G(s) H(s) are ……………….

Question 6

What is the transfer function of the system shown in the fig.

Question 7

Nyquist plot for a system having no. of open loop positive poles as 1 is shown below
For closed loop stability the critical point should be located at

Question 8

The bode magnitude plot of a minimum phase system is given, The Transfer function G(s) H(s) of a system is

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