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GATE 2023 Analog Electronics Evaluation Quiz 13

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Question 1Multiple Correct Options

If the input to the circuit of figure is a square wave. The output will be fc(t).

Which of the following it correct?

Question 2

In the given circuit below

It was observed that for L = 1 H and C = 1 F, the output of a square wave is a triangular wave, then the possible value of Z2 (s) is

Question 3

A transistor is interfaced with output port of an op-amp as shown. Determine the current (in mA) flowing through resistor R.

Question 4

Consider the circuit shown below


Which of the following circuits represents an all pass filter.

Question 5

The amplifier circuit shown in the figure is implemented using a compensated operational amplifier (op-amp), and has an open-loop voltage gain, and an open-loop cut-off frequency, fc= 8 Hz. The voltage gain of the amplifier at 15kHz, in V/V, is ______.

Question 6

A Schmitt trigger is shown in figure. The zener-diode maintains the output between +5 to -What will be the hysteresis band( in Volts) of this circuit?

Question 7

The effect of a finite gain of an operational amplifier used in an integrator is that

Question 8

For the given circuit the op-amp has CMRR=60dB. Determine the magnitude of the output voltage (in mV)

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