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GATE 2023 Analog Circuits Quiz 10

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Question 1

Consider the monostable multivibrator circuit shown below. If the monostable multivibrator with a 100 μs output pulse then the value of R is

Question 2

Consider the circuit shown below.
If op-amps in the circuit are ideal, then which of the following option is correct?

Question 3

If op-amp in the below circuit is ideal, then find the hysteresis width (in V) of the non-inverting Schmitt trigger that shown below

Question 4

Consider the following circuit as shown in figure below:

Assume op-amp to be ideal and knee voltage of diode = 0.7 V and neglect reverse saturation current of diode. Find the value of current ID through diode such that op-amp operates in saturation region.

Question 5

The op-amp shown in the figure has a finite gain A = 1000 and an infinite input resistance. A step voltage Vi = 1 mV is applied at the time t = 0 as shown. Assuming that the operational amplifier is not saturated, the time constant (in millisecond) of the output voltage V0 is

Question 6

Consider the circuit shown in the figure. In this circuit R = 1 kΩ and C = 1 μF. The input voltage is sinusoidal with a frequency of 50 Hz, represented as a phasor with magnitude Vi and phase angle 0 radian as shown in the figure. The output voltage is represented as a phasor with magnitude V0 and phase angle δ radian. What is the value of the output phase angle δ (in radian) relative to the phase angle of the input voltage?

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