GATE 2022 Topper's Interview Parvinder Singh Dhonkal (AIR 3 ME)

By Himanshu Bajpai|Updated : March 29th, 2022

GATE is the biggest exam for every Mechanical Engineer who is aiming to secure a job in govt. PSU such as IOCL, ONGC, NTPC Exam or pursue higher studies in the most prestigious institutes i.e. IISc, IIT's, NIT etc. Every year over 1.8 lac candidates appear for the GATE ME exam and strive to fulfill their dreams. This year GATE 2022 was conducted on 13th February 2022 in two slots (forenoon & afternoon) and the final result was declared on 17th March 2022 in which Parvinder Singh Dhonkal our Online Classroom Student achieved AIR 3 in GATE 2022 Mechanical Engineering exam.

Parvinder who told us BYJU'S EXAM PREP faculties are undoubtedly among the best in the field and they had extensive knowledge about their subjects while he was preparing for exam. So BYJU'S Exam Prep is bringing the success story of Parvinder which will inspire thousands of other to excel in GATE exam.

 GATE 2022 Success Story of Parvinder Singh Dhonkal (AIR - 3 ME)

BYJU'S EXAM PREP: Please tell us something about yourself and your motivation to appear for GATE 2022


  • Both my father and my mother are government employees, and they have always held high regard for government jobs. 
  • I decided to prepare for this exam as a student who can only achieve the best government jobs in the Mechanical Engineering field by cracking the GATE exam.

BYJU'S EXAM PREP: How beneficial was BYJU'S EXAM PREP study material?


  • The study material by BYJU'S EXAM PREP is extremely helpful. 
  • It is very detailed, comprehensive and exam-oriented. 
  • All the quizzes after each live class are very good and give us a quick analysis of our understanding level. 
  • All the class notes from the faculties are a great source, both for note-making and revision.

BYJU'S EXAM PREP: What was your strategy to Prepare for the GATE 2022 Exam?


  • My strategy was to finish my entire syllabus by November end to have the last two months focused completely on revision and mock tests. 
  • While preparing, my methodology was first to finish a subject then solve all the PYQs of that particular subject to check the understanding of my concepts. Then give subject-wise tests and attend practice sessions on BYJU'S EXAM PREP App and YouTube channel to understand concepts better and access newer questions. 
  • To finish my syllabus on time, I used to do 2 subjects in parallel. Other than that, I used to do frequent revisions of my notes not to forget any concepts and attend as many practice sessions on the app and YouTube as possible to keep all the formulas and concepts fresh in my mind. 
  • I started giving full-length mock tests once a week after I had finished 60% of my syllabus. I only focused on giving lots of mock tests in the last two months and revising my notes.

BYJU'S EXAM PREP: According to you, how important is the regular practice through mock tests/quizzes/previous years' papers to help in qualifying for the exam?


  • Solving PYQs at least twice is a great way to understand the actual level of questions asked in the GATE exam. PYQ also helps us understand the pattern and concepts asked in the GATE exam and prepare accordingly. 
  • They are also a great way of understanding if the concepts we are learning in the classroom will be enough to solve GATE exam questions or not. Mock exams, both subject-wise and full length, are very important to assess our current preparation level. 
  • Subject-wise tests help us revise and analyze how easily we can apply the concepts learned. Full-length mock tests help us build the examination mentality of giving three-hour exams and learn which questions to solve first and which questions to skip. 
  • It also helps us understand which weak topics we need to revisit and revise.

BYJU'S EXAM PREPWhat feature of the BYJU'S EXAM PREP App was the most useful for you?


  • I found the difficulty level of BYJU'S EXAM PREP online course program's test series to be similar to that of the GATE exam. So I could evaluate my exact level of preparation using these mocks.
  • Also, the questions were on varied topics with detailed solutions, so I could learn new concepts through these questions and new ways of solving the question.
  • The detailed analysis of my strong and weak points also helped me realize which portions of my subject I should focus more on.


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