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GATE 2022 : Signals & Systems Quiz- 69

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Question 1

The Nyquist sampling rate of the signal x(t) = (1 + cos300ϖt)2 (sin4000ϖt)2 is

Question 2

For a system, the transfer function H(jω) = if G(ω) is the group delay of the system, then the value of G(ω) at ω = 0 is

Question 3

A periodic discreate sequence with period, 4 is specified by

X(n) = r (n – 5) [U (n – 5) – U (n – 9)]

Where r(n) is a unit ramp sequence and U(n) is a unit step sequence

If y (n) = x(n) * X(n–1) , y(2) is given by,

Question 4

The minimum number of delay elements required to realize a digital filter with transfer function  by using Direct form-I and Direct form-II method are P and Q respectively. Then the value of P and Q are respectively ___and ___

Question 5

If a signal x(t) is defined as

x(t) = then the fundamental period of the signal is _____ (sec)

Question 6

A signal x(t) shown in figure is ideally sampled at 2 msec. Then the 4 point DFT of the corresponding sampled signal will be

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