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GATE 2022 : Signals & Systems Quiz- 62

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Question 1

Consider the waveform shown in the figure below, choose the correct option for the construction of waveform:

Question 2

Consider the function f (t) = sinw0t u (t) then final value of f (t) is –

Question 3

A periodic signal x(t) is given by x(t) = (2 + 0.50sin60πt)(sin240πt).
Find the fundamental frequency of x(t) (in Hz) ?

Question 4

For the given Laplace function, X(s) = log , x (t) will be,

Question 5

Find the inverse laplace of given that x(t) is absolutely integrable.

Question 6

The impulse response of a system is h(n) = n(2)–n u(n). Then inverse of the system is ________.
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