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Question 1

Suppose for input x(t) a linear time-invariant system with impulse response h(t) produces output y(t), so that x(t) h(t) = y(t). Further, if |x(t)| | y(t)| = z(t), which of the following statement is true?

Question 2

The impulse response of two systems are given below,

Which of the following is an LTI system?

Question 3

Compute the output y(t) for a continuous time LTI system whose impulse response h(t) and the input x(t) are given by
h(t) = e–αt u(t) , x(t) = eαt u(–t) α > 0

Question 4

Consider a system with U(t) as input and V(t) as output

Choose the correct option

Question 5

The unilateral Laplace transform of a signal x(t) is

If x(t) be (e–at – ate–t) U(t) then value of a is

Question 6

The Fourier transform of a signal h(t) is H(jω) = (2cosω)(sin2ω)/ω. The value of h(0) is
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