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GATE 2022 : Signal & Systems Quiz- 79

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Question 1Multiple Correct Options

Consider impulse response of a continuous time system by h(t) = u(t+1). Then system is, choose the correct option(s):

Question 2

Power of signal  provided x(t) is shown below is ________.

Question 3

Determine the time signal corresponding to the magnitude and phase spectra as shown in figure in figure ωo = ϖ.

Question 4

Fourier transform of x(t) = e–2|t|sgn(t) is ________.

Question 5Multiple Correct Options

Consider Laplace Transform of  as X(s). Then which of the following statement is/are correct?

Question 6Multiple Correct Options

The region of convergence and z-transform of a signal will be.

x[n] = (2)n u[n] – (4)–n u(–n – 1)

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