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GATE 2022 Rapid Revision Weekly Quiz 8

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Question 1

The polluted water is the one which

Question 2

The development length of a deformed bar in compression can be expressed as ) having usual meaning. The value of R upto 2 decimal places is?

Question 3

The area of a square spread footing to carry a column load of 1400 kN from a 400 mm square tied column containing 20 mm bars as the longitudinal steel (The bearing capacity of soil is 100 kN/m3) is _______m2.

Question 4

Consider the beam ABCD shown in the figure.

AB = BC = 4m
CD = 10m
For a moving concentrated load of 50 kN on the beam, the magnitude of the maximum
bending moment (in kN-m) obtained at the support C will be equal to_____

Question 5

A water supply system is designed for a town with population of 2,50,000. Determine the fire demand (in ml/min) using empirical relationship and the Match List I and List II

Question 6

A hall is 18 m 55 m and is covered by RCC slab supported over T-beams spaced at 5.5 m interval. It is subjected to a live load of 5 kN/m2 and dead load of 2 kN/m2. The width of T-beam is 300 mm.
The ratio of the magnitude of maximum sagging moment and maximum hogging moment is ___.
[Use M20 grade of concrete and Fe415 steel]

Question 7

For a town with population of 1,25,500, the average demand of water is 215 l/head/day. The design capacity (in MLD) of the water distribution system and the filter unit considering the Underwriters formula is

Question 8

A 18-litre water sample consists of organic and inorganic solids. This water sample is heated at 650°C temperature in a muffle furnace, and organic solid gets converted into vapours. The residue left is poured into a pan whose empty weight is 18 gm, and the weight of residue along with the pan is measured as 90gm. The same sample is heated at 110°C temperature, and dry residue left is again poured into the same pan, and the weight is found 162 gm. Determine the magnitude of difference (in gm) between non-volatile and volatile solids present in a one-litre water sample.

Question 9

The state of plane stress is shown by the stress tensor below.

MPa. It has been found that the tensile yield strength is 250 MPa. Determine the factor of safety with respect to yield using maximum distortion energy theory.

Question 10

In passing an obstacle in the form of pond, station A and station D on the main line were taken on the opposite sides of a pond. On the left of AD, 200 m long was laid down and second line AC, 250 m long was ranged on the right of AD, the points B, D and C being in the same straight line. BD and DC were then chained and found to be 125 m and 150 m respectively. Find the length of AD in meter

Question 11

Two straight lines intersect such that deflection angle of 60 °. The radius of a curve joining the two straight lines is 600m. The length of long chord and mid-ordinates in metres of the curve are

Question 12

If an overlapping pair of vertical photographs taken with a 150 mm focal length camera has an air base of 2800 m and the elevation of the control point A on it is 1000 m above M.S.L and the paraller of the point is 100 mm, then the flying height above M.S.L of the stereo pair will be ______.
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