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GATE 2022 Rapid Revision Weekly Quiz 7

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Question 1

An concrete span of M30 grade Fe 415 steel is change to M30 grade and Fe 500 If initially maximum shear stress was τ1 and latter it change to τ2 then total change (Δτ = τ1 – τ2) will be _________.

Question 2

A cantilever beam of width 450 mm and effective depth 600 mm is laterally restrained at a distance L from the free end. The maximum value of 'L' to ensure proper lateral stability is ________m.

Question 3

An RCC beam of width 325 mm and depth 480 mm with an effective cover of 30 mm, is subjected to a flexural moment of 175 kN-m, a shear force of 22 kN and a torsional moment of 11 kN-m. The design bending moment in kN-m will be (use shear resistance of cross section  as 1.8 MPa)

Question 4

Employ stiffness matrix approach for the simply supported beam as shown in the figure to calculate unknown displacements/rotations. Take length, L = 8 m; modulus of elasticity, E = 3 × 104 N/mm2; moment of inertia, I = 225 × 106 mm4.

The mid-span deflection of the beam (in mm, round off to integer) under P = 100 KN in downward direction will be _____.

Question 5

A simply supported beam has a span of 16meter having a uniformly distributed load of 43kN/m, 6 meters long, cross the girder from left to right. Though the I.L.D ., find the maximum shear farce at z = 8m from the left end is_______ (in kN)

Question 6

The maximum value of horizontal thrust in the three hinged symmetrical parabolic arch is ____ kN, due to uniform rolling load of 5 kN/m of any length (Round off to one decimal places)

Question 7

If 7 kN/m is UDL per unit length span of 7 meter along circular beam. If radius of circular beam is 1 mt. then ratio of shear force to hogging moment will be

O = Column

T0 = Torque

M0 = Moment

V0 = Shear

Question 8

A beam has varying depth of 200 mm & width of 400 mm. The factored bending moment is 400 kNm and angle between top & bottom edge of beam is 45° then maximum nominal shear stress will be (Vu = 120 kN)

Question 9

A clay layer having a coefficient of consolidation as 8 × 10-3 cm2/sec was observed to settle by 90mm in 2 years. What will be the ultimate consolidation settlement of this layer? Thickness of clay = 10m. Assume 1 way drainage

Question 10

Consider a square-shaped area ABCD on the ground with its Centre at M as shown in the figure. Four concentrated vertical load of P=5000 kN are applied on this area, at each corner.

The vertical stress increment (in kPa, up to one decimal place) due to these loads according to the Boussinesq's equation, at a point 5 m right below M, is_____

Question 11

A flat ribbon of spring steel 3.2 mm wide and 0.5 mm thick is wound around a cylinder 50 cm in diameter. The energy stored in bending stored per meter length of the ribbon is ____ N mm.
[Take E = 220 Gpa]

Question 12

The data obtained from a rectangular strain gauge rosette attached to a stressed steel member are.

ε0 = – 220 × 10–6, ε45 = 160 × 10–6 and ε90° = +220 ×10–6

If modulus of elasticity of material is 2 × 105 MPa and poison’s ratio is 0.3, then the magnitude of principal strain is …………. ×10–6 (Round off to 2 decimal places)

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