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GATE 2022 Rapid Revision Weekly Quiz 6

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Question 1

If the section modulus of the beam decreases, then bending stress will

Question 2

The grinding wheel is considered better, if the grinding ratio is

Question 3

Two radiating surfaces A1 = 6 m2 and A2 = 4 m2 have the shape factor F1-2 = 0.1 Then the value of F2-1 will be

Question 4

Which one of the following causes the whirling of shafts?

Question 5

The effect of increasing the stiffness of springs of centrifugal clutch is___.

Question 6

In which one of the following materials, is the heat energy propagation minimum due to conduction heat transfer?

Question 7

A thermal electric power plant produces 1000 MW of power. If the coal releases 900107 kJ/h of energy, then the rate at which heat is rejected from the power plant is_

Question 8

Navier-Stokes equations are useful in the analysis of

Question 9

A bar of 2m length is fixed at both ends. If E = 2 × 106 kg /cm2, coefficient of expansion is 1.5 × 10–6 /°C and the temperature rise is 20°C, the stress developed in the material is

Question 10

Bottom gating system is sometimes preferred in casting because

Question 11

The atmospheric air at 760 mm of Hg. dry bulb temperature 15 °C and wet bulb temperature 11 °C enters a heating coil whose temperature is 41 °C if the by-pass factor of the heating coil is 0.5, then what will be the dry bulb temperature of the air leaving the coil?

Question 12

Structure of common glass is______
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