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GATE 2022 Rapid Revision Weekly Quiz 4

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Question 1

As per IS 2720 Part VIII and Part VIII, the compaction test on soil can be done in two ways i.e. light compaction and heavy compaction. The ratio of compactive energy applied per unit volume in heavy compaction and light compaction respectively is

Question 2

If a beam of isosceles triangular section, with a base of 40 mm and height 20 mm, is subjected to a shear of 3 kN then the shear stress at the neutral axis will be _____ MPa.

Question 3

There are two cantilever beams of rectangular cross-section with given properties;

Beam A; depth = 1m, width = 0.5 m and

Beam B; depth = 0.5m, width = 1 m, then

Beam B is ____ weak by beam A

Question 4

Water is flowing at a rate of 0.05 cm3/sec in the downward direction through a fine sand sample whose coefficient of permeability is 0.002 cm/sec. The sample thickness is 15 cm and cross-sectional area is 75 cm2. If the saturated unit weight of sand is 21 kN/m2, then the effective pressure (in kN/m2) at the bottom section of the sample is

Question 5

An undisturbed soil sample having thickness 25 mm was taken from a clay stratum 4 m thick and tested in laboratory. It was found that the time required to achieve 40% of its ultimate settlement is 4 .25 minutes. What will be the time taken by the clay layer on the field to achieve 50% of its ultimate settlement? Assume the drainage condition is same in both cases.

Question 6

A beam of rectangular section is subjected to traverse loads. The shear stress at a particular section at rd of the depth of beam is 120 MPa, the maximum shear stress is ____________.

Question 7

A clay layer 'x' with pervious soils above and below it, and having coefficient of consolidation Cv, takes 6 months to achieve 50% consolidation. The time taken (in months) by a similar clay layer of the same depth, having impervious soil below it and coefficient of consolidation 2Cv, shall be

Question 8

Two triangular wedges are glued together as shown in the following figure. The stress acting normal to the interface, σn is _____ MPa.

Question 9

What would be the ratio of σ of Rankine’s theory to σ of St. Venant’s theory if principal stresses at a point in an elastic material are 1.2σ (tensile), σ (tensile) and 0.3σ
(compressive). The elastic limit in tension is 200 MPa and μ is 0.2.

Question 10

The following are the observed value of an angle and their weightage, find the probable error of weighted arithmetic mean.

Question 11

A mild steel flat of width 120 mm and thickness 10 mm is bent into an arc of a circle of radius 10 m by applying a pure moment ‘M’. If E is 2 x 105 MPa, then the magnitude of pure moment will be

Question 12

In setting up plane table at a station P, the corresponding point on the plan was not accurately centered above X. If the displacement of P was 30 cm in a direction at right angle to the ray on the ground, how much on the plan would be the consequent displacement of a point from its true position if the scale of 1 cm = 6 metres is adopted.
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